• How to have better relationships… How to prosper financially… How to overcome emotional bandages… How to find your purpose in life… How to persevere in doing what is right… How to grow in God…

    These are all teachings you will hear about coming to Manifested Kingdom of Heaven Assembly. Get ready to receive LIFE giving words that will help you get the life YOU always wanted!

  • Since Manifested Kingdom of Heaven Assembly is known for it’s emphasis on diversity, this same principle is carried over into the worship service. Every worship service has contemporary Christian worship in the style of Jesus Culture and Bethel Redding!

  • One of the unique things you will see is a balanced mixture of races, ages, orientations, and backgrounds. Some people will be dressed in a suit, some will be in jeans, but all worshiping God the same. You will see a refreshing thing in the service, diverse people gathering together, and putting differences aside to worship Jesus Christ together. The focuses of our services are teaching people to worship God in unity despite whatever societal differences have separated us in the past. The love of God is the most powerful and important focus in our lives, and learning how to receive and share this with the most difficult of people around us. So no matter who YOU are, you will enjoy the difference that UNCONDITIONAL love makes!